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BestPrice Textrade Inner Spring Mattress in a Box- Queen

Textrade Inner Spring Mattress in a Box- Queen

Product Description
Nothing beats the magnificence and deep, comfortable sleep you get from this Pillow Top Spring Mattress. Coil springs provide undisturbed rest- even as you toss and turn, meaning better motion separation. Also available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes. Complements Textrade's Bed Frame in a Box.

  • Instant recovery for sleep. Mattress expands to its original shape in minutes when unpacked
  • Constructed to adjust individually to your weight and body shape.
  • 2.5" Super soft pillow top layer for extra comfort
  • Comes with handle back wheels built into the box for easy transport.
  • Can be matched with Bed Frame in a Box which is made from solid wood.

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Textrade Inner Spring Mattress
I like the product. Fast shipping and easy to open. Very comfortable and slept good.

comfortable mattress
I couldent find such comfortable mattress with this competetive price, when you open the box you will think that you're dreaming ,and when you try it you will never satisfy others.

Amazon blew it....
I find it ironic that Amazon asked me to review this item since I never received it in the mail. I ordered the bed on December 10th and Amazon said it was to arrive on December 17th. The bed NEVER came and Amazon would never admit that something went wrong. Their customer service department is very friendly, but not helpful. The best part of the experience was when they could not send me another bed because it was out of stock. Be careful if you order this, I don't think it exists. Thanks for really screwing up Christmas, my parents loved sleeping on the floor. Cheers

Good product so far
I will skip all the comments about fast delivery, rolled in a bag that other people left here - all is true. I'm sleeping on it for a month already and I should say I like it. It seemed softer at the beginning than I used to, especially when I slept on firmer mattress before, but now I think I'm getting good sleep. I'm 138 pounds and my bf is about 200 pounds and we don't sink in when we sleep as other people say. The only way we could feel like sinking in is when we were literally walking/standing on the bed. I have problems with my back and I should say that this mattress doesn't give me pain in the morning. I don't regret that I bought it.

Waste of money, I have a sever backache, this bed sinks @ center
Do not buy it. I completely hate it. I have a severe backache the bed sinks in the center and does not support my back. If 2 people sleep on it it sinks to the center.

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